Service Delivery Charter

Organizational Strategic Objectives

  • To promote respect for cultural diversity and the advancement of artistic disciplines into viable industries.
  • To accelerate the transformation of the country’s heritage landscape by establishing and managing museum and heritage services.
  • To promote multilingualism, redress past linguistic imbalances and develop the previously marginalized languages.
  • To provide library and information services which:
    • Are free, equitable and accessible.
    • Provide for the information, reading and learning needs of people.
    • Promote a culture of reading, library usage and lifelong learning.
  • To render archival and records management services which will provide for:
  • The acquisition, preservation and documentation of public records and non‐public records of national / provincial significance.
    • Proper management and care of public records.
    • Equitable access and use of archives.
  • To establish and support transformed institutional and physical structures to increase participation and excellence in sport.
  • To provide sustainable mass participation opportunities across the age spectrum to promote physically active life styles.
  • To ensure active participation, development and training of all learners and educators and the identification of talent in quality and sustainable sport and recreation programmes.

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