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Financial Management:

The directorate comprises of sub directorate Supply Chain Management, Transport Management, Management Accounting, Contract Management, Asset Management, and Financial Accounting amongst others, 

Supply Chain Management

To render Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to the Department that supports the Departmental Management in executing their duties in terms of the PFMA by and organising and coordinating the operational activities of the Sub Directorate. 

The Sub Directorate: Supply Chain Management is responsible to ensure that procurement plans in respect of advertised competitive bids are prepared and then submitted to Provincial Supply Chain Management.  To implement procurement strategies as it relates to Acquisition Management and to ensure effective implementation of the Supply Chain Management Policy.  Ensure that goods and services are acquired by the Department in accordance with the authorized procedures.  Ensure that an effective and efficient system is in place to ensure that acquisition officials meet the turnaround time to process requisitions.  Obtain assurance that expenditure on goods and services are incurred in terms of an approved budget.  Ensure that the threshold values of the different acquisition processes are complied with.  Ensure that the latest Preference Point System is used as issued by National Treasury.  Ensure that Treasury Guidelines on acquisition management are properly taken into account.  That bids be evaluated by Evaluation Committee and recommendations forwarded to Adjudication Committee.  Should also ensure there is an effective system of Logistics Management in accordance with Provincial Supply Chain Management prescripts.  A proper system is in place to process and submit payments to finance timeously.

Transport Management

Co-ordinate motor transport within the Department in order to ensure optimal utilization of vehicles at all times.  Exercise control over the maintenance of and expenditure involved in the use of the motor transport.  Ensure the proper completion and regular scrutiny of all records and returns concerning transport.  Ensure that all vehicles are kept in good roadworthy condition and that they are serviced as required in terms of the Fleet Management Service Level Agreement.  Ensure that all instructions relevant to the use, operation and maintenance of vehicles are complied with.  Monitor and report any misuse of vehicles to the appropriate authority.

Asset Management

Ensuring that DSAC complies with the Asset Management Policy and that an accurate and up to date register is kept of all DSAC movable assets.
Ensure that proper procedures are followed when there is movement of assets and all new assets are bar coded (tagged). Ensure that all unused assets are safely stored away to prevent damage and theft and to maintain a Departmental thefts and losses register.
Ensure that there is an effective system of Disposal Management for the disposal of unserviceable, redundant or obsolete state assets and keeping a database of all redundant material and items is kept.

Management Accounting

The Sub Directorate: Management Accounting is responsible to provide management information for decision making purposes. As part of this mandate, the section dealt with Expenditure Management, Cash Flow Management, Transfer Payments and Financial Planning and Budgeting.
Expenditure Management collates reviews and analyzes current and historic expenditure patterns and trends in the Department. This is presented to Management on a monthly basis in the form of the In Year monitoring Report which is also submitted to the Provincial Treasury and Member of the Executive Council.
In terms of Cash Flow Management, the section ensures that sufficient cash resources are available at all time in order for the Department to meet its financial obligations.
All transfers to external organizations and individuals are reviewed to ensure that all compliance aspects are complied with.
Finally, the section is responsible for the development of the Department's budgets. This is done through extensive consultation with various role-players, both internal and external to the Department. The budget is drawn-up based on the department's strategic direction, taken the available resources into account.

To render Financial Accounting services to the Department that supports the Departmental Management in executing their duties in terms of the PFMA.

Salary Administration

Administration of some payroll related matters (including S&T claim and claim of kilometers travelled).

Financial Inspectorate & Internal Control

The unit is responsible for the identification of internal control weaknesses, putting forward recommendations or corrective measures to address them and monitoring the implementation thereof. 
In addition to the above, the unit does investigations into alleged fraud and non compliance with laws and regulations, coordinate the both internal and external audit engagements, facilitate MPAT submissions for KPA-4 Financial management and perform various other ad hoc duties as they arise.


To ensure sound financial management.


  1. The provision of financial accounting functions.
  2. The provision of management accounting functions
  3. The provision administration and an asset management functions.
  4. The conducting of finanacial inspections w.r.t financial compliance.


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