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The Cultural Affairs sub-programme promotes and advances arts and culture through the development of visual arts, crafts and performing arts. 

The Mayibuye Centre resorts under the Cultural Affairs sub-programme and has been able to focus its attention on providing excellence enhancing and accredited programmes in music, drama, craft and dance. Additionally, the Centre also provides rehearsal space and support for local groups. This model, however, exists only in one district and should be rolled out to other districts in the future. The Arts and Culture unit is also a main contributor towards the hosting of commemorative days. Many of the artists and crafters of the province are afforded an opportunity to showcase their skills during these events which provides an excellent opportunity for social cohesion and nation building.


To promote and advance arts and culture through the development of the visual and performing arts sectors.


  1. The provision of  an arts and culture development function. 
  2. The provision and support of arts and culture facilities and infrustructure.
  3. The promotion of a language development function.
  4. The management of mayibuye centre. 




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