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Strategic Managment:

The sub-programme Strategic Management/ Corporate Services renders an internal and external communication and marketing service and is responsible for the overall administration of the Department which includes Office of HOD, Financial Management, Policy and Planning, Communication and Special Programmes, Human Resources Management and Development, Registry, Messenger Services, Security Management and Transport Services.

Strategic Management is tasked with a many compliance issues for which effective planning is essential. A system of policy development and adoption is being developed to ensure wider stakeholder input and adoption before the end of the first quarter of a financial year. Improvement plans are also in place to respond to the requirements for the Monitoring Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT). However, it is to be noted that the Department is still dogged by financial – and human resource constraints.  The Department is doing everything in its power to overturn its deficits, especially with regards to the audit opinions of the past few years. However, there still exist capacity constraints with regards to monitoring evaluation of Departmental Programmes. 

The Department is also making use of social media, internal newsletters and local radio to promote its functions to communities.


To ensure the effective management of the support and coordination services


  1. The provision of an Information Communication Technology (ICT)   and Record Management 
  2. The provision of  Communication and Special Programmes  
  3. The provision of  Policy  and Planning services
  4. The management of District Development Service 
  5. The management of Legal Services


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