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The Library and Archives Services (LAS) Directorate has a transformation agenda and a complement of very capable and innovative staff.

The LAS Directorate is geared to serve communities and new approaches are emanating which will enhance our impact and elevate the importance of information services in communities.  We have seen a natural progression in processes and growth in the Directorate which has served to enhance our service.  The challenges mostly relate to stakeholder buy-in, limited equitable share budget and lack of staff to perform optimally.

Our vision is based on our belief that we are part of a global community and that needs to find expression in what we do locally.  The Directorate is committed to create an enabling, conducive and transformed environment towards attaining an empowered knowledge based Northern Cape society. Archive Services focus on training and ensuring compliance national records management policies. The first phase of the provincial Archives Repository has been completed and the gradual activation thereof is the next step.

The directorate focus is on:

Support to new and existing libraries
Provision of library materials in all formats
Promote the use of libraries and inculcate a reading culture
The promotion, development and transformation of sustainable Archives services.

To provide library and archival services in suport of key government goals of transformation, sustainable development. 


  1. The provision of free, equitable and accessible library services.
  2. The provision of archival and records services.



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